Build Your Branching Scenario

A step-by-step process for creating engaging elearning

9 Weeks from Blank Page to Branching Scenario

Over the course of this 9-week course, you will create a branching scenario from start to finish. You’ll start with a business need or performance problem to solve. I’ll guide you through each step along the way, from planning and designing through writing, developing, and refining your branching scenario.

What You’ll Get

9 Live, Virtual Sessions

Each week, you’ll be invited to a 1-hour live session via Zoom. These sessions will include presentations, demos, and time for questions. Can’t attend live? Each session will be recorded for you to review later.

Community and Resources

When you enroll, you’ll be invited to join a private online community to share what you’re learning with your peers. The course includes additional resources such as templates, samples, reading material, and curated links. The community will continue after the course ends, giving you a place for sharing with peers.

Apply What You Learn

As you progress through the course, you’ll build your branching scenario step-by-step. The weekly activities are structured to help you immediately apply what you learn.

Personalized Feedback

You will receive personalized feedback from the instructor on every assignment. You’re not just left to figure it out yourself; I’ll guide and support you every step of the way.

Course Outline

1. Plan Your Branching Scenario

  • What works for branching scenarios
  • Questions to ask SMEs
  • Objectives
  • Ideal path, mistakes, and consequences

2. Design Your Scenario Overview

  • Characters
  • Challenge
  • Context
  • Story concept

3. Draft Your First Decision

  • Introduction to Twine
  • Writing a decision point and options

4. Plot Your Branching Structure

  • Branching structures (time cave, branch and bottleneck)
  • How many wrong answers?
  • Opportunities to correct mistakes
  • Go back or restart?
  • Managing the complexity of branching

5. Write Your Ideal Path

  • Move from branching structure to full text
  • Write the ideal path
  • Dialogue-writing tips

6. Expand Your Scenario

  • Ways to provide feedback
  • Writing choices and consequences in alternate paths
  • Continue writing and revising your scenario text

7. Develop Your Scenario

  • Multimedia options
  • How much media do you need?
  • Visual design
  • Migrating from Twine to other tools

8. Enhance Your Scenario

  • Scoring
  • Adaptive feedback
  • Visual feedback (meters and other options)

9. Review and Refine Your Scenario

  • Testing
  • Publishing
  • Gathering feedback

About Your Instructor

Hi! I’m Christy Tucker. I combine storytelling and technology to help organizations build online training that engages learners and get results. Branching scenarios are my favorite projects to create, and I want to help you create them too.

I’ve worked with clients to develop training in a wide range of industries, including health care, state and municipal governments, safety consulting, Fortune 100 companies, nonprofit associations, and more.

I’m a regular speaker at conferences and industry events. I also write and publish a blog post every week and have written over 70 posts specifically about using scenarios and storytelling for learning.

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Live Sessions

Live training Wednesdays 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM each week

Each week includes a live, virtual training session via Zoom. Plan to spend about 5 hours each week. That includes 1 hour to attend the live session or listen to the recording, plus time for completing activities and reviewing resources. It’s important to spend the time applying what you learn each week. Each activity builds on the previous ones until your branching scenario is complete.


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