About Me

Using storytelling and technology to engage learners

Presenting on Scenario-based Learning at the Learning Solutions Conference

Who am I?

Hi! I’m Christy Tucker. I’m a learning experience design consultant who specializes in scenarios and storytelling in elearning.  I’ve been creating online learning for over 15 years. 

I love branching scenarios; they’re my favorite projects to create. Because I’ve created so many of them, I’ve also made a lot of mistakes. I’ve learned where the pitfalls are and found ways to avoid them.

I write about branching scenarios, storytelling, and scenario-based learning on my blog. I’m a regular speaker at conferences, online events, and podcasts.

All of that is great, but now I’m looking for a way to provide some more hands-on practice creating branching scenarios, where people can apply their new skills and get personalized feedback from me.

That’s where this course came from: a desire to help others learn how to create these engaging learning experiences.