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Alicia Viera

Hello everyone! I posted this in Slack last night but I thought I’d share it here as well.

Better late than never. Here is the summary and learning objective for my possible branching scenario. @Christy Tucker – I’m going with the topic I chose for the last cohort. However, I’m not sure if it’s too broad right now and I should make it more specific by concentrating on just one part of the process of creating branching scenarios. My audience is instructional designers who are new to designing branching scenarios.

Designing effective branching scenarios to solve organizational problems can be an overwhelming task, especially for instructional designers who are either new to the profession or accustomed to taking more traditional approaches to elearning design. Although most IDs have, in one way or another, experimented with scenario-based approaches, they still may not feel comfortable creating branching scenarios as those tend to be more complex. This learning solution aims to address that problem.

Learning Objective
After completing this learning experience, instructional designers will be able to design effective branching scenarios to solve organizational problems.

This is an elearning I’m creating for my portfolio so I’m just planning on incorporating what I’m learning in this course (and through other sources) to create a branching scenario about creating branching scenarios – I know. Very meta 😉