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Christy Tucker

This is a great start! I think other IDs will identify with Amanda and her frustration at creating PPT conversions.

The challenges you listed are good, although maybe a little high level. I think they’ll work once you have more details in the scenario fleshed out.

You might consider less obviously fake names for some of the details (XYZ Corporation, Supernice City). While we use those sorts of generic names fairly often in elearning, it does lose a bit of realism. Also, I don’t know anything about what XYZ Corporation does. Are they a tech company? A consulting firm? A conservative insurance company? Maybe that doesn’t matter–but often the context of the elearning will be different for those different organizations. We might not need to know the city (I don’t think that will affect the elearning), but what the company does might be relevant for the story details later.