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Christy Tucker

No worries on the duplicate attachment–I was able to delete it (but that’s probably something I had to fix as an admin and not something you had permission to do).

The intro might be a little bit too long. Is there a way you can get some other interaction early on? It seems like a long time before they make an actual choice. I know you’re trying to provide a lot of information and use a bit of a cut scene with some narration setting the scene.

What if you had a choice at the beginning about the information in the step 1? You could include some of the text you already have, then a choice like this:

[[Tell me why that topic works as a branching scenario.]]
[[Tell me about action mapping.]]

Then, you could show the information in smaller chunks. After each part, you’d link to the other so they don’t miss anything, and then continue.

Alternatively, you could give them some choices of topics. Maybe you give 2-3 options, then explain why the one about managing remote teams is the best one. If they make the wrong choice, give feedback, but then force them back onto the right path–you don’t need to build that out very much.

In Step 2, I wonder if it will be too obvious that one of the “Read the 200 slides” options is correct. You could potentially break that into two decisions. In the first decision, you have two choices: [[Review the slides]] or [[Start prototyping]]. Then, if they pick to review the slides, you have a second choice of [[Interview the two SMEs]] or [[Start drafting the scenario]]. Breaking up that decision might also help chunk the content a little, without making you write too much new content.

This is a great start! You have a plenty of content to use here in this draft. As you said, it mostly needs to be chunked up a little more.