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Sharmila Adhya

Dear Christy, First of all thank you so much for giving an invaluable detailed comment on my project. The published version of the project is in your google drive. You can download it to browse through Scenario 1. I am sharing the link here again: (Please note that this link is provided in my last comment too)

Here are some of my thoughts regards the points that has been discussed:

a. While I totally agree with you that it’s a lot of less work, to do the styling in the style sheet rather than in the individual passages, I am a bit confused on the following aspects:

-Will the styling codes give the same output if the image dimensions are different along with the length of the passages? My initial thought is it won’t work. Let me know your views regards this?

b. I am not sure whether I will be using Harlowe till the end. As I am reading that Harlowe gives limited styling options. I will be using Sugar Cube instead, as I also want to incorporate some gaming elements in this course. I wanted to include a timer, whenever the participants are coming to the question page. Do you have any suggestions, as to what time limit, we should give the learner for the options, in order to give them a good experience? Also, do you have any idea, whether I can include xapi with Sugarcube or not?

I will include the name for the South Korean personality (Seo Jung instead of just Seo)
I will be also changing the option to “Return to select a different option” instead of “Return to select the right option”

I will be looking forward to your suggestions. Thanks again for taking the time to review