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Christy Tucker

This is a great start! I think you probably do need to step back and plan out just the structure before you do any more writing within the passages, because that’s where you’re getting stuck.

If your goal is to use Vyond to have some animated videos, I think it’s reasonable to keep yourself to a gauntlet structure. If you want to make it feel a little deeper while still returning to the bottleneck each time, you could show a short-term consequence and a long-term consequence. So, for example, jumping to prototyping first might have a short-term consequence of “This would be such a great color scheme…” Then, 2 days later, you show a scene with “Oh wait! I have a big problem with the structure.” You have that as a single passage right now, but I think a time jump forward makes sense there. It will feel more like a choice, without actually complicating it too much. Then, that would be a little deeper than your first bottleneck, but not too far. I think realistically that either of the not-ideal choices in the second decision probably have to get back to the bottleneck eventually, or they have to lead to a failure and restart.

Where I think you could go less procedural would be in drafting questions for the SMEs and interviewing them. Your 3rd decision point about what kinds of questions to ask is a great jumping off point. Focus on your structure here next. If someone picks “A mix of questions about what managers need to know and to do,” then maybe the next decision is about what questions about what to know. Let them get 1-2 choices down that wrong path, and then back to doing things. Give them a choice to get back to the right questions about what they need to do and potentially even to what mistakes and consequences are important. Don’t worry about scripting it all yet–just write the outline and structure before moving forward. Get a few ideas down, even if they aren’t complete sentences or paragraphs.

Depending on how complicated you want to go, you could have the interview and only have available questions to ask based on what questions the learner identified in the previous branch about writing questions. You’d have to capture variables to note which questions they wrote. That would also give you the opportunity to create a decision point or two around what follow up questions people ask during the interview.

Can you draft some more structure with a little deeper branching specifically around the 3rd decision point? Then we can proceed from there.