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Christy Tucker

Thanks for your patience! I was mostly offline last week for the Thanksgiving holiday.

I can open up your project on fine, but I can’t scroll down to get to the choices.

Can you please try editing the options? Under Embed options, try turning on “Enable scrollbars.”

I can reduce the size overall in the browser to get it to fit better, but having the scrollbars would probably make it easier.

I love that opening illustration! The images do add to the story, and I think this works well to just have a large hero image at the top and the text below (other than the no scroll bar issue). I’m not sure about the switch between illustrations and photos though. I wonder if you’d be better off using all illustrations or all photos throughout for a consistent style.

One flow issue: if you pick the good choice at the beginning to ask the team leader, then you get to a link about Korean culture. However, that passage ends with “Eventually, the misunderstanding is smoothed over…” which isn’t actually the choice I made. You might have to show a different hook depending on which choice they made. You can do that with a combo of if: and visited: macros. Let me know if you need code for that.

As a content note, do you need to define high-context and low-context cultures? In my experience, people don’t always understand the difference. I love the info on what to do and focus on in high-context cultures; those are great tips. This is one place where you might need the factual definition prior to the application though.

Overall, I think this is a great way to introduce Korean culture within a scenario. You are giving people a reason to pay attention with the decisions prior to giving them information. Therefore, even though there’s a lot of information shared about the culture, there’s a reason and context for it. This would work well for people who are new to Korean culture and aren’t familiar with it. I learned some new things too–thanks!