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Christy Tucker

This is looking much better! I think the “Start prototyping” with the follow-up consequence before getting an opportunity to correct the mistake makes sense. It’s good ID too–you get the feedback, and then you can make a better choice.

The question structure is coming along too. Now that I’m rereading again, I think the notes about Rob and Cynthia’s qualifications in “Reach out to SMEs” feel a little stiff and not realistic. You could create a separate passage or two with a link to [[Learn about Rob and Cynthia’s qualifications]] and just not pretend it’s in Amanda’s voice. Alternatively, maybe you leave those details out of the story. Those character backgrounds are helpful to you in writing about them, but do the learners need that information?

I know your original goal was to create a full branching scenario showing the whole planning process from start to finish, but what if you narrowed your goal here? What if the learning objectives are just to pick a topic and ask good questions? You could probably end where you have the “Plan the branching scenario” choice right now if you wanted. Instead of fleshing out those choices, you could just show the ideal path as a positive consequence in a cut scene.

It’s not that you can’t continue on with the scenario from your current point, but it’s a matter of being able to get something done. Would you be happier at this point building what you have written so far and just treating it as a complete scenario, or would you rather keep building the structure out after the “Plan the branching scenario” bottleneck and adding more complexity?