Advanced Development

In lesson 8, you can add more advanced features to your scenario such as scores, customized feedback, and meters. These are features that can enhance your scenario.

Do you need advanced features?

Not necessarily. You may not need any of this. If your scenario is fairly straightforward, the feedback may just be tied to specific endings. Visuals like meters may be overkill because the consequences are obvious from the text.

Cathy Moore has written about the cost of eye candy. It’s easy to get caught up in images and technology solutions. But sometimes, our time would be better spent working on the text and improving the decisions and consequences.

I’m not saying, “Photos and graphics are a sign of a fluffy activity” or “Lack of photos and graphics is a sign of a challenging activity.” I’m saying that we all have a limited budget of time and money. The amount of that budget that we spend on bling takes away from what we could spend on writing challenging, subtle activities.

-Cathy Moore

Decide how much of this is beneficial for your scenario. If this is for a portfolio sample, maybe you want to do the fancy features anyway as a showpiece. If this is for a work project where the text provides enough information, you can spend time this week reviewing and revising your scenario.