Create Backups

Since you’ve been working with Twine for a few weeks now, it’s a good idea to archive your stories periodically. This makes a backup of all of your stories.

  1. To create an archive, start from the Twine home screen.
  2. Click the Library menu.
  3. Then, click Archive .
  4. Save the file (you can rename it from the default if you want).

This creates a full backup of all your Twine stories.

Twine Library menu with an arrow pointing to the Archive button

If you ever need to restore everything or use it on another computer, you can use Import option in the Library menu to import everything in your archive.

Duplicate stories

Before you do any advanced development or major enhancements, you may want to save a copy of your story. That way, if you break something, you can simply revert to your prior version.

  1. On the Twine home screen, select your story. (You can’t do this with the story open.)
  2. Click the Story menu.
  3. Click Duplicate.
Twine Story menu with an arrow pointing to the Duplicate button