External Links

Sometimes in a Twine story, you might want to link to an outside website, such as an additional resource or a survey at the end of the training.

To create a link to something outside of your story, use the HTML code for a link. The basic format is this:

<a href="URL">Text to show</a>

For example, this is a link to a page on my blog that opens in a new tab. The code below appears like this to users. Check the resources for more info.

<a href="https://www.christytuckerlearning.com/storytelling-and-scenarios/" target=_blank>Check the resources for more info.</a>
  • a href: This shows that it’s a link. (A is for “anchor,” which basically means a link. Href is for “hypertext reference.”)
  • URL: Put the link in quotation marks.
  • target: target=_blank makes the link open in a new tab (which you probably want so users can return to the story, unless it’s a survey at the end)
  • </a>: This is the closing of the tag. Put this after the text of the link.

Read more about how to use HTML to create links from W3 Schools (a great reference for HTML and CSS).