Sample Twine and SL Scenarios

It can be helpful to look at someone else’s files so you can pick them apart and “reverse engineer” how they were built. Here’s your chance with some of my branching scenarios.

You will need to download the Twine files (they’ll appear as just code in Google Drive). To view the Twine files, select Import from File and select the downloaded html file.

Twine with scoring and formatting

This is the writing feedback branching scenario, which includes a variable for scores, calculations, conditional feedback, and the formatting you learned about in lesson 6. The images won’t work (I can’t redistribute the image files from the eLearning Art library), but I left the code so you can see how it’s done.

Twine client screening prototype

This is the Twine prototype for the client screening branching scenario. For this scenario, I wrote everything in Twine first, then built it in Storyline afterwards.

Storyline client screening scenario

This Storyline branching scenario doesn’t have anything advanced like scores or meters, but you can see the next step in the process after I moved from Twine to Storyline.

Both the Twine and Storyline versions of the client screening scenario were part of a series of blog posts I wrote about creating a branching scenario from start to finish. While training on Storyline is outside of the scope of this course, I wrote 4 posts explaining the process. Start at post #6 for information on Storyline.